• Hot soapy hand wash within an hour of being tattooed, dab dry, do not rub.
  • Do not expose to the sun, or swimming (hot tubs, baths for at least 2 weeks after).
  • Wear loose-fitting, clean clothes on the tattooed area.
  • Do not shave for 30 days and only touch with clean hands.
  • Apply Kara Kawa Healing Balm as often as needed. NEVER double-dip in your tub and always use clean hands.

Your tattoo will be sore, red, possibly swollen, and there may also be a slight stinging sensation similar to sunburn, this is natural, continue to apply Kara Kawa Healing Balm until completely healed.

Your tattoo may peel, this is also natural, but DO NOT peel this away yourself, most tattoos will be completely healed by 3 weeks or less if you follow instructions correctly.

If you require more Kara Kawa Balm please contact me or Kara Kawa.

Any questions, feel free to contact me.